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The Standard in AI-augmented
Optical Character Recognition.

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Trained since 2015 on non-synthetic data to provide scalable and adaptable OCR solutions to Fortune 250 companies globally

What separates PleoOCR from the rest?

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More efficient and capable.
  • 3-9X faster than the largest organizations OCR as tested by 3rd parties
  • Able to read and interpret non standard documents
  • Trained on non-synthetic data
  • Trusted and utilized by the largest financial institutions in the world with global implementations since 2017
Risk Management
  • Automated BSA/ATF/AML Documentation Intake
  • PEP/OFAC Monitoring
  • Automated SAR workflow
M&A Due Diligence
  • P&L, Banking Statements, Tax Statements and more straight-to-table with calculation checks
  • Automated break management
  • Up to 90% Reduction in Analyst Time

Tailored Solutions

Custom Solutions
Banking Lockbox
  • Lockbox automation for banks of all sizes
  • Multi-region private peering available
  • Up to 95% Reduction in Operator Keystrokes
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Out of Box Operational

Pleo-OCR arrives operational out-of-box for turnkey implementations to service a variety of banking and financial institutional needs. With minimal integration time, cost-savings can be realized rapidly.


Inpleo provides customizable labeling tools for new document types that have not yet been pre-trained. This allows for rapid active learning deployments for all use cases in numerous languages and currencies.

Cost Savings

Pleo-OCR reduces operator input requirements as much as 99% in certain use cases. This in turn makes end-user pricing more competitive for our customers, offering a higher quality of service at a lower cost.


All data is compartmentalized, secured via 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit for client service APIs. Pleo-OCR can also provide appropriate anonymity in its processing in compliance with GDPR regulations.
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