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  • Can Inpleo See Our Data?
    Not if you don’t want us to. PleoAI can be configured to work as a double-blind system, meaning that Inpleo cannot see the inflow of raw data nor the outflow of processed data. Our clients opt to share the data allowing Inpleo to see certain sets however, since open data sets are what allows for maximum performance as the core pool grows.

  • Does Inpleo Sell Data?
    Inpleo utilizes processed data in the case that the origin of data has given us permission to do so. This means that data that has been processed, anonymized, and run through processing algorithms may be sold. For example, let’s say manufacturing Clients A, B, and C from the New England region shared their travel data with us. We may sell a data package to third parties that displays the following: the manufacturing industry in the New England region had total travel expenses of some amount — No names, no reverse engineering possible, simple insights.

  • How Do you Handle Global Compliance?
    Inpleo retains several multi-national law firms with their primary offices in New York as well as Washington DC to ensure that our software and data are handled with absolute compliance. From Brussels to New York to Singapore, our developers work in conjunction with robust legal teams to ensure our clients are in good hands.

  • What's your Security Protocol?
    Inpleo offers an end-to-end 256-bit security encryption. The servers are all ISO compliant and housed in secure buildings provided by Microsoft Azure. We are also compliant with GDPR regulations, and operate with third-party governance oversight with our customers and partners.

  • What does Inpleo mean?
    Inpleo means ‘to make full, to satisfy’ in Latin. Our goal is to make sure every enterprise can have access to software that will help them become more efficient. In doing so, we hope that we can improve the world.

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