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Our Departments

The Reliable, Enthusiastic Teams at Inpleo


Machine Learning

Machine Learning is responsible for all automation at Inpleo. We perform initial investigations of feasibility, design, and model training to create the internal machine learning APIs used throughout Inpleo while performing research to continuously improve performance.

"Inpleo is promising because of the strength and persistence of its core team"

Nicholay Topin

Co-Founder & Chief of Machine Learning



The office of the CTO is responsible for devising the ever-evolving company's technical strategic direction through applying its existing technologies to new industries or developing novel solutions via its R&D arm. The office also acts as a balance between the business and the technological strategies by liaising and distilling information between the stakeholders and the internal technical teams and vice versa by educating the clientele on how implementation of AI within their workflow can improve their business efficiencies.

"It has always been about the people"

Naassih Gopee

Founder & CTO


Data Science

The Data Science team is responsible for data management, insight collection, and determining the best course of action when presented with client questions and requests. In addition, the DS team is heavily engaged in research efforts as well as assisting the dashboard team in coming up with new ways to display data. They are on hand to code solutions to data problems, and are responsible for knowing intimate details about client data to answer questions both internally to other teams and externally to clients.

"The mission continues to drive every action we take and manifests itself in all deliverables..."

Orly Olbum

Executive Vice President of Data Science



The infrastructure department supports Inpleo’s overall enterprise IT infrastructure and architecture. We provide the necessary technical infrastructure and identify technological innovations that improve the workflows of our people, platforms, and systems. The unique position of the department allows us to standardize our architecture, processes, and deploy solutions that are consistent with our business vision.

"Inpleo has seen rapid growth and with its suite of technologies has uniquely placed it in the market..."

Jaasim Polin

Founder & CDO


Front End Development

The UX department is responsible for augmenting Inpleo’s applications with an intuitive user experience, with cross collaboration across the different teams at Inpleo, from the Machine Learning to Data science, we transform huge amounts of data into useful and easily accessible information that clients can leverage as actionable insights. We are constantly researching on new ways to help clients visualize their data in a more seamless way to help them improve upon their business decisions.

"Our primary objective is to keep innovating in order to further enable our clients to do their daily tasks with ease..."

John Morad

Co-Founder & Chief of UX

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