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Flat, Fast, and Ferocious Team


  • We at Inpleo believe in a completely flat structure for development. All developers are welcome so long as they can work together in teams without reporting to managers.

  • We have a board of priority-designated items, and you are free to work on any one of them with anyone else you would like in the development team. Pick up what you want to do, do it well, and push the updates.

  • We don't care if you're 18 or 70 so long as you bring passion for our mission everyday.

  • Work the hours you choose and work them with your team.


  • Be passionate. Be ready to debate and defend your ideas. Our clients rely on you for the best product possible.

  • Be able to work by yourself.

  • Manage team workload by communicating.

  • Ruby, C, Java, Python, and/or HTML knowledge will help you work best with us.

  • Be ready to be wrong. We all make mistakes, but only by learning from them can we improve.

  • Be a team player. Talk to people, email people, and text people. Don't hesitate to ask questions about anything.


  • We offer market average pay with an unlimited bonus structure based 100% on peer reviews.

  • Profit sharing stock for exemplary employees.

  • Competitive health, dental, and transportation per diem packages.

  • Work with whomever and whenever you'd like. We don't keep track of hours, only results.

  • Report to no-one. The task list is your only guide. The rest we leave up to you.

  • Work with bleeding edge software for our clients, all of whom are Fortune 500 companies.


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