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Fast, Cost Effective, and Accurate Expense Reporting Audits

Inpleo EXR

Welcome to the future. PleoAI will help you see accurate insights so you can avoid pitfalls entire quarters in advance, and plan for growth all at the same time. With predictive modeling at your fingertips, you can always charge full steam ahead.

Fully Compatible

Utilize Any HRM, ERP, or DB You Choose

Performance Monitoring

Measure Employees by Their Peers

Incentive Monitoring

Reward Employees for Achievements

Attach Files

Available Via API or Manual Upload

Cloud Access

Submit Reports Anywhere

Find New Opportunities

Optimize Your Spend for Maximum Performance

Additional Benefits

     When you sign up for Inpleo EXR, we clean your data, so you have immediate access to reliable systems. The PleoAI sifts through to make sure any future human errors are also corrected on the fly, so you no longer have to worry about misfiled or misallocated spend reports. Clean, automated reporting will allow your employees to flourish without having to spend valuable company time on paperwork. Managers will have crisp performance metrics to rely on, allowing them to direct their assets towards success.

No More Hassle

     Let the PleoAI do the heavy lifting for you. From optimized budgets to live performance monitoring, Inpleo EXR delivers far more than just expense reporting. Monitor performance by individual employee, department, and section as you see fit. Complete with multi-tenant database access, fellow managers can access the same sets of data to see how cross-departmental performance can be improved internally.

     Allocate spend based on historic data, as well as your industry peers. Track the over-spenders and allocate resources to maximize your value for the monies spent. Inpleo EXR allows you to find the best human resources and match them to the funds you have available leaving the busywork for PleoAI to automatically compile. Focus on your work and forget about paperwork.

Free To Use

Inpleo EXR is Completely Free

Automatic Notifications

Never Miss Another Deadline

Win Together

Better Performance = Better Morale

Go Faster

No More Filing Reports

Complimentary Graphics

Make Your Next Presentation Sharp

Complete Backup

Never Have Data Corruption Again
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