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The Standard in Know Your Customer Automation


Accurate & Rapid Access

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Streamlined look into your clients

Verify client information faster and more accurately.
  • Pleo KYC provides institutions with audit-defensible insights into their client at a moments notice
  • Utilizing our industry leading Pleo-OCR in tandem with proprietary explainable AI ML algorithms, PleoKYC is at the forefront of automated fraud prevention
PleoKYC allows for seamless integrations into AML/ATF/BSA processes, including generating SAR reports on-demand
Reputational Risk
PleoKYC streamlines your workflow to minimize reputational risk, including special monitoring for PEP entities

Know Your Customer
More Efficiently

Underwriting Prep
PleoKYC outputs allow for streamlined underwriting and risk-management workflows with clean, standardized data
Human Verifiable
PleoKYC provides human operators with fast, accurate insights into their clients  enabling a safer and more efficient workflow.
Request a Demo:
Click here to request a demo of Pleo KYC software. 


Private Peering

Mission critical items may require a secure, private network for your organization to service client demands. Inpleo routinely provides private-peered capabilities.


All data is compartmentalized, secured via 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit for client service APIs. PleoKYC also provides appropriate anonymity in its processing in compliance with GDPR regulations.

Cost Savings

The average Inpleo customer generates efficiencies in excess of 70% and improves customer quality of life. PleoKYC is no exception, and provides opportunities to leverage analysts for sales instead of data entry and verification work.


The professionals at Inpleo are familiar with siloed systems and difficult business landscapes with large integrations like PleoKYC. We proudly maintain 0% attrition of customers in our company history and a 100% renewal rate due to our quality of work and customer service.
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